Intellectual crimes

Advice and sponsorship before the Judicial Power in intellectual property crimes

"Authors of artistic, musical, literary works, among others; as well as inventors and holders of distinctive signs are affected by the commercial activity used by unauthorized third parties and one of the measures to combat them is the criminal process"

E. Alejos


Consultancy and sponsorship with the different criminal types of the Criminal Code and special regulations with the Judicial Department.

Prevention and detection of legal infractions of business activity.

Development of Regulatory Compliance and settlement of criminal risk prevention programs.

Control procedures and criminal risk response, as the elimination of criminal risk for companies.

Audit and training of Prevention of Criminal Corporate Risk Programs (Corporate Defense Compliance Program).

Proper protocols and procedures for the making and execution of decisions in each level of the company’s responsibility.

Settlement of The Corporate Government Law Practice Manual available for cooperation with authorities. (Whistleblowing)

Practice Areas